Shulgin admitted that he does not want to maintain contact with his biological father.

This information was reported by “Russian conversation”.

Valery has left from a former spouse, Alexander Shulgin, with three children. The singer could not stand the horrible attitude that endured for many years. After breaking up with Shulgin celebrity married producer Joseph Prigogine, who are still happily married.

His daughter Valeria, Anna, spoke in an interview about the relationship with his biological father. According to the girl she considers as a close relative of Prigogine, as he practically raised her, has always supported and been with you.

Shulgin noted that very rarely meets with his real father, and these meetings are held, as if between close relatives and strangers. Anna greets Alexander, and they never communicate . The girl said that his father never congratulated children with the day of birth and after the divorce with Valeria did not take care of their life. Still Shulgin has not wondered how his descendants, so Anna is not going to maintain any contact with him.

Daughter Valerie is very grateful to his mother and Joseph that they always paid attention to her and the brothers, and was able to ensure that all children have a happy and fulfilling life.