Photo: Facebook

Eight APU fighters were wounded in the Donbass as a result of 49 attacks by militants over the past day.

Fighters 49 times fired at positions of the Ukrainian military in the Donbas over the past day, the press center of the ATO on his page in Facebook on Sunday morning.

“As a result of hostilities over the past day 8 of the Ukrainian defenders was injured,” – said in the message.

In the seaside area of illegal armed groups 24 times opened fire on positions of forces ATO. In the evening, gunmen from 122-mm artillery systems, as well as 82-mm mortars fired strongholds near Pavlopol. In the area of Shirokino, Water, Lebedinsky, Chermalyk and Hnutove the enemy in the dark continued to fire at Ukrainian soldiers with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades. To the North, in the direction of temporarily occupied Odessa, the militants shelled strongholds under Novotroitsk from APCS and heavy machine guns . Also beat from the vicinity of Donetsk on the strengthening of the forces of ATO on the outskirts of Marinka from grenade launchers of various modifications.

On the Donetsk direction the militants twice shelled the positions of ATO mil at Trinity artillery caliber of 122 mm. About fifty shells fired at the enemy positions in the area. Application by militants, not artillery systems, namely the 120-mm mortars, was recorded in the suburb of Avdeevka. There the enemy was beaten by Ukrainian soldiers from the 82-mm mortars and infantry weapons. Near zaytsevo bandits carried out the shelling of fortifications from the weapons of infantry fighting vehicles.

On the Lugansk direction were 9 cases of use of weapons. Around 22.00 hours the fighters from 120-mm mortars fired at positions near Novozvanovka and Novoaleksandrovka. The Crimean enemy was beaten from 82-mm mortars. Ibid., and defense fortifications of the APU in the area of Stanitsa Lugansk, Donets Lobacheve settlements and the illegal armed formations opened fire from small arms of various calibers and grenade launchers.