Photo: Facebook Laura Hurst

Around the neck of American women have been entwined with a Python, when her body was found surrounded by other snakes.

American Laura Hurst was found dead at the site with 140 snakes with reticulated Python around his neck. This reports the Metro.

A resident of the American city Battle ground was found dead at the site of the local County Sheriff Benton Donald Munson. At the time of the discovery of the body, around the neck Hurst was wound with a 2.4-meter Python. Doctors were unable to save the woman.

The 36-year-old American had two children and 20 reptiles who had been detained with 120 other at the site where she was found. According to the Sheriff, he used his land for keeping of snakes, and there is not inhabited by people. Twenty reptiles belongs to the deceased. She visited them twice a week.

According to the preliminary version, the woman was killed by a snake. The exact cause of death will be known after the autopsy.

Earlier it was reported that the rich poured concrete in the fridge and robbed. Also the Correspondent wrote that the kitchen is a resident of Bangkok Python “spat out” live a 1.2-metre monitor lizard.

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