A new threat came from Egypt and Asia, it may be even more dangerous than the infection
which afraid in several regions earlier.
We are talking about the diseases which bring to us from the tropics mosquitoes. Then the virus, Zeke,
Chikugunya, and even Dengue fever, West Nile, on Kuban, by the way, already
reported the seventh case of the disease in recent times. The trouble is that
warming drove the bloodsuckers to their “homes” and now they learn
Crimea and the Black sea coast, reports “Russian conversation” with
with reference to “Izvestia”.

Do not forget,
that one infected
individual can cover a deadly epidemic to the whole area.

According to experts, in the South region of Russia arrived Aedes aegypti, their back and legs covered
characteristic white markings. Also we came Aedes albopictus with spotted belly and striped legs. But the danger is not only that, dirofilaria
can tolerate flown mosquitoes. Data worms to move right on
people, penetrating into the body and making his way to the eyes. Parasites may remain for bitten
mosquitoes dogs, which worms penetrate the heart, then kill with four-leg
victims they are, again, to jump on people.

Previously unknown
the disease struck hundreds of Americans.