The Declaration adopted on the eve of the OSCE permanent Council, deprived of the important elements for safe operation of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine (SMM OSCE) because of the destructive work of the Russian delegation.

According to a Friday press service of the MFA of Ukraine, on April 27, at 1143 meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council adopted the “Declaration in support of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine in a tragic incident on 23 April,” in which, in particular, stresses the need to ensure full and safe access to the SMM to the entire territory of Ukraine, and expressed condolences to the families of the deceased, and wished a speedy recovery to injured observers .

“Because of the traditionally destructive position of the Russian side approved the document, unfortunately, deprived of the important for safe operation of the mission elements as a comprehensive condemnation of any acts of intimidation, harassment and attacks in the address of the SMM, the OSCE, and intentional interference to complete observers of its work, including restriction of access to the temporarily uncontrolled by the government of Ukraine territories”, – stated in the message.

In the Ukrainian depodesta stressed that Ukraine will continue to support SMM OSCE in its work.

In addition, the foreign Ministry said that during the work of the UN security Council, April 27, the Russian side was the only one who opposed the adoption of the draft statement of the UN security Council for the media proposed by Ukraine and the USA. “All attempts of the Ukrainian delegation to find a compromise solution invariably faced categorical rejection from the Russian Federation, which has chosen the tactics of delaying and making unconstructive edits in advance,” – said the Minister.