Photo: Chinese scientists were forbidden to publish information about the coronavirus

Virology from Wuhan 2 Jan understand that we are talking about the new coronavirus, but the authorities forbade her to disclose information.

Chinese investigative journalists found out about the scientist who before the others have identified and studied the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, but was forced to keep quiet under pressure from the leadership, said on Sunday, April 12, MSN.

According to the newspaper, a virologist Shi Jinli from the province of Wuhan was the first researcher who established the similarity between the pathogen, seen in December 2019, and the family of coronaviruses. Chinese journalist Gao Yu was able to meet with Shi and learned about the early studies of SARS-CoV-2, as well as about the actions of the Chinese authorities.

According to Shea, she and her staff in December of 2019 received samples of a new virus from the first infected, and then for three days sequenced genes. Data on the virus genome were prepared by 2 January, but the Director of the Institute of Virology of Wuhan of Anli van ordered staff not to reveal any information about this work. Soon Shea and the staff of her laboratory was isolated under strict quarantine in Wuhan.

Local doctors who tried to disseminate information about the new disease, were detained, but local authorities prevented the publication of “inappropriate information”, claiming that it may provoke the panic. It was later closed the laboratory in Shanghai, where staff published on the Internet the genetic sequence of the new coronavirus. Doctors from Wuhan Li Wenlan and ay Hairdryer spoke about a new disease in social networks, but received a warning from the police for spreading “false information”.

Previously, trump has accused China in pandemic coronavirus. The actions of the Chinese authorities and, in particular, the withholding information about the spread of infection have led to the current situation, according to Donald trump. Later in Beijing reported that the update statistics in a transparent and accountable way, and his charges are trying to shift the blame for lost time, believe in China.


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