Today, June 25, it became known about the dismantling of the memorial plaque to Marshal Zhukov in the Ukrainian city of Odessa.

According to information released by informisanje “Odessa public”, on the night of Sunday, June 25, unknown dismantled a memorial plaque to Marshal Zhukov.

According to local activists, the commemorative plaque dedicated to the “butcher” Zhukov anymore. In this report, also submitted photographs proving the absence of a memorial plaque in Odessa. These pictures were taken at night.

It is reported that the plaque hung on the wall of the house located on the Avenue Zhukov, 5A.

“The Avenue is named after a prominent commander of the Second world war, the Soviet Union Marshal, four times Hero of the Soviet Union, former commander of the Odessa military district Zhukov Georgy” – was written on the plaque.

Note that last year the Avenue was renamed the Avenue of Heroes of Heavenly hundred.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue,” the Ukrainian Ministry noted that the work on the removal of the monument Motherland in Kiev is a very controversial issue, and all because of legal conflicts.

Recall that the Ukrainian law on de-communization, as it stands should be abolished as it violates human rights, as stated in Friday known to Amnesty international.