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Krasnoyarsk, June 9, 2018 From 7 to 9 June in Krasnoyarsk with a working visit the representative of the Federation of ski races of Russia, a technical delegate International ski Federation (FIS), Igor Belomestnov. The expert headed the inspection team which evaluated the preparation of the sports complex “rainbow” to the test competitions and the Winter Universiade-2019.

For several days in a cluster “rainbow” passed inspection visit of the international expert on the homologation of ski slopes Igor Belomestnov: working group of experts visited all the construction of ski tracks and appreciate them for the difficulty of the terrain, planning and infrastructure of national and international requirements. Igor Belomestnov appreciated the topography and routes of trails, and noted that their passage will be interesting for athletes . In addition, the delegate FIS checked the zoning sports facilities cluster facilities for sports teams, coaches and judges, lighting, snow, room service equipment. Igor Belomestnov expressed confidence that the cluster “rainbow” provided a comfortable environment for training and recreational athletes, rooms equipped with everything necessary for holding competitions at the highest level.

The results of the inspection visit were summed up at the final meeting of ANO “Directorate of Krasnoyarsk-2019”. The meeting was attended by the head of the Directorate of the Winter Universiade-2019 Maxim Urazov, deputies of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region, representatives of Regional management of capital construction, a General contractor, employees of the Directorate of Student games. During the meeting, Igor Belomestnov gave expert assessment of the current state of the training facility, the Winter Universiade-2019. Then the participants of the meeting discussed the purchase of sports equipment and inventory for the “Rainbow” and outlined a plan of action based on the observations of experts.

According to Igor Belomestnov, in not so many sports facilities which can compare in quality with the Krasnoyarsk complex “rainbow”. In the future, on the basis of the cluster may hold Championships of Russia and international competitions on cross country skiing and orienteering. “You ready gorgeous module “Ski”, where the wax cabins and changing rooms for athletes, – said Igor Belomestnov. – There are several good halls for seminars. Athletes and service technicians will be pleased. On other cluster objects “rainbow” still have to work hard. I think the Directorate of the Winter Universiade-2019 has heard our comments, and everything will be aligned. For Siberia, this object is one of a kind and will give a serious impetus to the development of ski racing in your area”.

In the final meeting it was decided to consider the possibility of holding the all-Russian training seminar for referees in a cluster “rainbow”. In the future judges are trained, can practice their skills during the test competitions of the Winter Universiade-2019. In total in Krasnoyarsk region can appear specialists with high qualifications and extensive experience of refereeing of competitions in winter sports that will become part of the personnel of the heritage of Student games.

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In the framework of the Winter Universiade-2019 in sports cluster “rainbow” will be competitions in cross-country skiing and orienteering. As the test competitions of the Student village will host the stage of the Cup of Russia on ski races (November-December 2018).

Cluster “rainbow” included in the sports training complex “Academy of winter sports” and is one of the key sports venues of the Winter Universiade-2019. Klaster Raduga includes 3 objects: a multifunctional sports complex “rainbow”, sports and training block “Ski”, as well as start-complex with ski stadium, roller ski trails, systems of lighting and snow. In the sports complex “rainbow” house swimming pool, climbing wall, multipurpose sports hall, administrative and medical units. The projects are scheduled for autumn 2018.

Thereafter, the cluster “rainbow” will provide an opportunity to gather teams to conduct year-round training process. In the cluster “rainbow” created all conditions for sports and physical culture and active recreation. On object it is possible to hold competitions of international and all-Russian levels in cross-country skiing and orienteering.