Tanker Delfi, which had issued a distress signal on 20 November 2019, drifting close to shore near Odessa beach “Dolphin”.

As explained by the Administration of seaports of Ukraine, initially indicated the ship was in international waters and had not filed applications for entrance in Odessa and Yuzhnyy marine ports. But later it gave the signal that is in distress without fuel, the engine running. In this regard, the rescue coordination centre “Odessa” took the signal and began to take measures to eliminate emergency situation. Shipowner was agreed to tow the tanker to arm to a free berth in the port “Ochakov”.

“During the next day the tug GEA, caused by the ship owner, tried to take in tow a tanker emergency. But at 18:35 towing the line between GEA and the tanker stopped. The ship tried to anchor, but bad weather conditions (East wind 18 km/h, and waves 4-5) the beginning of a drift in the direction of port “Odessa”, – stated in the message.

On the night of November 22, Delfi managed to gain a foothold anchor at a distance of about one mile from the shore near the beach “Dolphin”. However, according to ASD, 5:00 slow drift resumed.

Currently, the control of the emergency tanker carries out a rescue boat. The operational headquarters of the port of Odessa sent to the emergency tanker tow BIG private company, which involved an operation.

Sea ports authority notes that the ship Delfi (the owner of the company, registered in Birmingham, United Kingdom) has no cargo, the crew consists of three crew members. The operational headquarters of the port of Odessa, the clock keeps ready powerful tugs, in the event the weather conditions improve to prevent the boarding of a tanker stranded near the public beach.