Lenin’s mausoleum on red square

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MOSCOW, April 20. /TASS/. Deputies from fractions of LDPR and “United Russia” has submitted for consideration the state Duma the draft law on the reburial of Vladimir Lenin from the mausoleum on red square. It was sponsored by the liberal Democrats Ivan Sukharev, Vladimir Sysoev, Alexander Kurdyumov, and the United Russia Evgeny Marchenko, Alexander A. Kiselev, Vitaly Bakhmetyev. About TASS reported the press service of the deputies from the liberal democratic party.

Amendments to the law on burial

The project, the text of which is available on TASS, amendments to the law “About burial and funeral business” and the concept of “reburial”.

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“The reburial be the remains of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin). Order, date and place of reburial of the remains of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) are determined by the Government of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the bill .

The explanatory note thereto States that “the question of the reburial of V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin) has arisen in the beginning 80-ies of XX century, and since this debate erupted in the Russian society almost every year.” “It is important to note that the bill establishes the basic need for reburial of the remains of V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin), but does not set specific deadlines to take into consideration the political situation, the social mood, as well as the opinions of all interested parties”, – stated in the accompanying documents.

The position of the ROC and surveys

In his argument, the initiators refer to the position of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), who believes that “certainly, the remains of Vladimir Lenin should be buried and the country “this is kind of late for a quarter of a century”. The explanatory note also contained the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who urged to approach this issue “careful not to take any steps that would divide our society”.


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“The authors of the bill, fully supporting this point of view, I believe that the question of the reburial of V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin) should be deprived of any historical, political and social background and have exclusively legal character”, – stated in the materials. At the same time it is emphasized that the bill “has political and social context, as based on the current political situation is, in itself, Lenin’s body is not a symbol of the era, a symbol of unification of the nation.”

“According to a survey by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion, the majority of Russians believe that Lenin’s body should be buried. In answering a direct question about what to do with Lenin’s body, 60% expressed General agreement that it is necessary to bring the land, including 36% in favour of the rapid reburial at the cemetery, and 24% suggest to wait till the generation for whom he is dear, and then make the decision about the burial”, – noted in the explanatory Memorandum.

To transfer the mausoleum

In turn, one of the authors of the bill Ivan Sukharev suggested that the mausoleum can be transferred and make the Lenin Museum, but “not in the heart of Russia”.

“I am not a supporter of conspiracy theories, but many believe that while on the red square Lenin’s body, will be no breakthrough,” said Sukharev TASS.

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