The main intelligence Department of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine reports that during the celebration of miner’s Day in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass increased the number of cases of the criminal actions of Russian troops against the local population, gross violations of military discipline, which led to the loss of personnel.

“The so-called “Deputy Minister of defense DNI logistics” carried out an inspection tour of the units 1 AK (Donetsk) of the armed forces. The result of this “inspection” was committed a traffic accident, which was crushed by a soldier of one of the units 1, AK”, – is spoken in the message of the Gur on the Facebook page on Tuesday.

In addition, soldier 1 separate motorized rifle brigade (Kalmiuska) 1 AK, being in an alcohol intoxication, stole the car “Opel Vectra”, owned by a civilian, and drove it in a bus stop. The result injured two local residents .

Intelligence also reported that during the celebrations in n of the item Shakhtersk, on the day of the miner, between the soldiers of one of the units 1 AK and locals fight occurred.