In a Network published a photograph showing popular 48-year-old designer Igor Chapurin in no uncertain society 39-year-old gallerist Edward Bagrationi.

About it writes “the Russian Dialogue.”

In the past, 2016, the year Moscow hosted the exhibition of Cuban art, which is in a private collection Chapurin. Many of the guests of the exhibition drew attention to the happy designer who organized this event.

However, perhaps it was not so much in the exhibition, as in the presence of the mentioned friend Edward. The latter acted as co-organizer of the event.

Photo in question showed pastime two “friends” on one of preoceanic resorts where they embrace and kiss, strongly portraying a happy loving couple.

Judging from the picture, Chapurin and Bagrationi “long-playing” plans .

It is worth Recalling, Russian designer famous for his work for the wardrobe of the spouses of the presidents of Russia – Lyudmila Putina and Svetlana Medvedeva. In addition, Chapurin became famous thanks to the authorship of the outfits of many cultural figures and persons of domestic show-business.

He leads professional activities in 1992.