It turned out the details of the beating of eighth-grader peers on the so-called night and day in the Irkutsk region. As it turned out, he insulted the teacher who was the mother of one of the participants of the conflict.

According to “Russian conversation” with reference to Life,
student Anton called
stupid homeroom teacher of his
younger sister. It was connected with the
the fact that the teacher forcefully washed
girl’s mind as she
came with dirty heads.

As it turned out,
the teacher was the mother of classmate
Anton. It is an insult to schoolgirl Katya
I remembered during the celebration of March 8
on the list .

The victim
the student said: “I when so it
called, apologized, four months.
But then in the apartment they once again reminded,
what I have called”.

We will remind, incident
occurred in Shelekhov district of the Irkutsk
region during the celebration of March 8
on the list. A group of girls beat her
classmate, and everything they took video.

It is reported that
schoolgirl Kate and Jack wrapped arms
towel to on the body of their classmate
there is no evidence. After a
time were connected to beating them
a classmate of Ale and a boy-a fourth-grader.

They beat
the eighth-grader in the face and neck. In this case
the victim did not resist, and
was just trying to calm them down. After
incident offenders forced Anton
to kiss their feet. At the moment TFR
already interested in this incident and
began preliminary examination.

a few days ago in suburban
the gymnasium there was a shocking incident when 14-year-old schoolboy stabbed with a knife. Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that the Belgorod schoolgirl stabbed his grandfather’s hometown, which
prevented her from celebrating with friends 8