The head of the state border service of Ukraine Sergey Deyneko emphasizes that currently there is no evidence to suggest that the detainees border guards of FSB of the Russian Federation of the Ukrainian citizens on a small ship in the sea of Azov was engaged in illegal fishing.

“At the moment, have clearly pointed to the fact that the detained citizens of the Russian party carried out illegal fishing of the resources we have. Therefore, we can only evaluate information that we have available and to which we have access” – he said to journalists on Monday in Kiev.

Deineko noted that do 14 Feb small the ship departed for home base, and further has information about the detention of a ship with 4 citizens of Ukraine and representatives of the border service of the FSB in the Crimea.

“We currently know of citizens who are allegedly detained. Do everything together with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies for the speedy return of nationals to the territory of Ukraine”, – he said.

Deineko said that the detained Ukrainians are in detention on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea – in Kerch. “Yesterday a so-called court of the Russian Federation attracted them to administrative responsibility in the form of arrest for 10 days. After that they are in the prescribed manner should be returned to the territory of Ukraine”, – he said.

According to him, the Ukrainian ship was detained by the Russians at a distance of 30 miles from shore. Deyneko reminded that the waters of the Azov sea, in accordance with the agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, defined as the area in which the joint use of water resources, so the Russian border guards had the right to stop the ship, to inspect, to check documents.

“We have in stock only the video, released by the Russian side, where the owner allegedly confesses that the citizens of Ukraine did not have the documents that confirm their identity, and which would allow the catch of fish. And, accordingly, had banned guns for fishing. But I emphasize that this information currently cannot be confirmed,” said Deineko.

The head of the state border service of Ukraine also drew attention that the post of technical supervision Ukrainian border guards recorded the sea a small vessel. “We have units that carry out operational-search activity. We have established what kind of boats went out, where he is based. We have already established that keeping the swimming facilities was carried out with violations, outside these locations”, he added.

Deineko noted that by its actions, the owner of the vessel has violated the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, which clearly defines how and under what authority is the sea swimming facilities. “So the owner of the vessel will be brought on the territory of Ukraine to administrative responsibility is a minor penalty, in connection with the loyalty of our legislation, 170 UAH”, – he said.

On 15 February the press service of border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Crimea reported the detention of boat with four Ukrainian citizens on Board without documents proving their identity, in the Western part of the Azov sea.

“The captain of the ship has not fulfilled a legitimate requirement for the boundary order to stop and attempted to escape. During the inspection of the vessels revealed more than 290 instances flounder-Kalkan, and illegal fishing gear – fixed network. Under this ship, the registration documents, including the right of extraction (catch) of aquatic biological resources, the detainees were missing,” – said in a press release.