A source in the Belarusian law enforcement agencies said Wednesday, may 1, on the detention of former Deputy Secretary of the security Council of Belarus, Andrei Vtyurin. The reason, he says, is working in the interest of the FSB and the Federal guard service of Russia. About it reports “Rosbalt” reports, “Russian conversation”.

According to the source, vtyurin regularly transferred to these organizations certain information.

Another source told the “Rosbalt” that the vtyurin over the last 25 years were included in the closest circle of friends Lukashenko and was well received in the family of the Belarusian leader.

He also questioned that such a senior person could really begin to follow a bribe of 150 thousand dollars, because, according to him, in the circles of the level of the calculation of such amounts are the norm.

As you know, on may 1, the official Minsk announced the presidential decree of 24 April, which the President of Belarus has released Vtyurin from office the Deputy state Secretary of the security Council of the Republic for “committing actions discrediting the rank of a soldier”.

The day before the edition of “Nasha Niva” reported on the detention of strongman by the KGB for a bribe in the large size (according to “Belarusian news”, we are talking about 150 thousand dollars.) later, the relatives Vtyurin confirmed TUT.BY information about the criminal prosecution against him.

KGB of Belarus and the security Council of the Republic did not comment on this information.

Vtyurin repeatedly with Belarusian journalists in the ratings of the most influential people in Belarus. Prior to joining the Council in 2014, he spent seven years headed the security Service of the President of the Republic, which came in 1995, i.e. after the first year of President Alexander Lukashenko. In 2002 he graduated from the Academy of the interior Ministry of Belarus, in 1992-the Saratov higher military command school of the interior Ministry of Russia. Is a native of Penza.

We will remind, in the Network discussed the appointment of Dmitry Mezentsev on a post of the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia in Belarus, as well as its similarity with President Alexander Lukashenko. The personnel changes started by the head of Belarus, Andrei Vtyurin dismissing from office the Deputy state Secretary of the security Council of the country

As previously reported, Lukashenka dismissed the former head of his security from the security Council for “discredit of a rank of the military”.