Photo: the Activities of Pro-Kremlin companies extensively covered by Russian media

Both women, who last week deported from Poland, were engaged in Pro-Kremlin society Kursk and drive hybrid activities against onpublic.

The Russians, who last week was detained by Polish special services were doing in particular, support for the country organizations of Kursk. It is reported

Both women belong to the top five, which led to hybrid activities against Poland, and subsequently received a ban on entry into the country. One of the detainees name is Catherine Tsivilsk, the second, according to security officials, Anastasia S.

Deportees from Poland, individuals were supported throughout the country, the Pro-Kremlin society Kursk – known primarily for actions in defense of Soviet monuments. These initiatives were widely broadcasted by the Russian media.

In October 2016, they described the visit to Moscow of the Polish delegation from Kursk . The Kremlin-backed broadcaster Russia Today (RT) showed a photo from a meeting of a group of people dressed in Russian uniforms who drink vodka with the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“The destruction of monuments to Soviet military poses a threat to peace, the Polish authorities used the interest in the political games”, – said the head of Kursk Jerzy TIC.

The internal security Agency of Poland was detained may 17, Tsivilsk. As reported, she was “hostile activity” and, in particular, incited the Polish-Ukrainian strife.

The next day it became known that the Polish border service detained the citizen of Russia and Cyprus Anastasia S., which was supported by the Polish Pro-Russian circles and passed on the Directive of the Russian special services.