Leonid Dmitranitsa
Photo: fcbate.by

Leonid Dmitranitsa worked in the Borisov club for six years.

At the expiration of the term of the contract FC BATE Borisov left the development Director Leonid Dmitranitsa.

“For six years in the ranks of the “yellow-blue” authority always worked very efficiently, conscientiously, every day posing and subordinates and successfully solving a variety of tasks. And did not divide them according to importance, personal example of demonstrating what it means professionalism and absolute dedication!

Leonid Fedorovich, a huge thanks on behalf of the club’s office for their fruitful work and contribution to the development of the BATE, for the transferred experience! I have no doubt that You are honored to accept any new career challenge and will continue to do very much to the benefit of the Belarusian football!” the message reads the official website of the BATE.