A group of nine tourists led by Igor Dyatlov died in mysterious circumstances in February 1959, making a ski trip in the North Urals. Researcher-enthusiast Valentin Degterev doubt the authenticity of the biography Zolotoreva Seeds – one of participants of the expedition, reports Russian Dialogue, with reference to the “Star”.

Degtereva thought it strange that Zolotarev at the last moment joined the number of participants. In addition, it remains a mystery where the man was in the period from 1942 to 1944. The researcher does not exclude that during the fighting Zolotarev was captured, and was later recruited by us intelligence agencies.

According to degtereva, in April last year took place the exhumation of the remains Zolotarev, but according to the researcher, in the grave he was a different person. During the autopsy on the body of the traveler allegedly had a mysterious tattoo, which can be a secret cipher.

Degtereva found out that the tattoo is a combination of cipher Morse code and phonetic alphabet “alpha, Bravo”, approved in 1956 in the countries of the Alliance. This, according to the researcher, and is a clue. The fact that in 1958 the United States was planning a special operation, which included sorties of reconnaissance aviation. In the task, who go camping within the group of Dyatlov, under the name Zolotoreva, was to establish a lighthouse for reconnaissance aircraft. Embossed on the arm of a code he had to enter Morse code and to put the lighthouse on a cyclical transmission.

Recall, the researcher Vsevolod Shishkin suggested that the tragedy of the Dyatlov group guilty secret tests of unique weapons. He believes that tourists have fallen under the cloud of nerve gas, came to a secret military base.

Earlier Valery Adamov of Mansi people explained the meaning of the mysterious drawings found on the site of the death of Dyatlov’s group. One of the characters was a generic sign of his family.