The singer told how her colleague once called her a schizophrenic.

It reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the domestic media.

Diana recently visited the popular transmission. Within it, the singer not only has pleased fans of his compositions, but also answered some questions.

She remembered the unpleasant incident with participation of Yuri Vines. According to the singer, once a colleague came to her in order to get permission for one of the songs. Diana at the time tried to calm small children and was engaged in washing diapers, and Yuri waited until she finished.

The singer signed the necessary papers, and later my friends told me that the Vine in the book called her schizophrenic. Diana at first did not believe, however he really saw the line about it. Yuri stated that she clearly has a mental disorder, which is evident in her work, and she needs to treat .

After talking she decided to change the subject, as she, apparently, was not very nice to talk about it.