Ukrainian extremist website “Peacemaker” made the black list of Russian singers Diana Gorzkow and George Vine.

In a statement posted on the organization’s website States that the musicians are accused of “illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine” and concert activities on the territory of Crimea, and support the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia, reports TASS.

Earlier in the black list of the site “Peacemaker” was introduced by Hollywood actor Steven Seagal and Russian singer Valery Leontiev, as well as singer Nyusha.

Diana Gurtskaya, in addition to concert activities, the incumbent Chairman of the Public Chamber Commission on support of the family, childhood and motherhood, said his inclusion in the black list, noting that it was made by singer Yulia Samoilova, which were not allowed to Ukraine to participate in the Eurovision song contest .

“This is extremely unpleasant, especially in all there is a very clear hint – “support colleagues (lolita, Julia Samoylova) – that’s our answer.” But it must be remembered that the government and the Ukrainian people – they are different categories”, – leads her words TASS.