After winning Mikelly Abramova singing show “the Voice.Children”
fans thought the final battle
set point. But the information that “the First channel” recalculate
voters voting viewers deprived them of rest. In a Network there are many
statements by Russian pop stars who expressed their point of view on the current
the situation. Galkin has refused to let their
children on the show, Svetlana Loboda said that after this “story
“The voice” over”,
and producer Joseph Prigogine and completely stunned by the statement about the risk of “ruin”
the talent of the child such contests.

The discussion was joined by the famous singer Diana Gurtskaya,
whose song “You’re here” was victorious for the daughter Alsu. She did not approve,
the children had to participate in this global project, reports “Russian
Dialogue” with reference to RIA “Novosti”.

“The tough competition sometimes becomes a start in life,
and real drama” – she said, hinting at overly serious
the format of “the Voice. Children.”

The singer has put forward a reasonable proposal
providing all participants of the status of the winner, which could help them with
admission to universities.

He expressed his opinion Gurtskaya and about the performance of Micelle
Abramova with her song.

“I sang perfectly. Of course, it all see through
the prism of relations to parents,” said Gurtskaya.

The singer drew Parallels with the fate of Christina Aguilera,
which also had to make Herculean efforts to justify the high
hope, as a daughter of Alla Pugacheva.

Earlier it became known, as voted in the final contest fans