In 2008, the Eurovision song contest has already been known in Russia, the singer with disabilities: it is true, then Diana Gurtskaya represented Georgia. And took 11th place with the song Peace will come. Diana was the first blind singer from Eastern Europe and the particular controversy about its participation in the competition was not. Perhaps due to the fact that the post-Soviet space, the singer was known before, and before the Eurovision even had a big European tour.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Julia Samoylova is still little known to a wide audience. Diana supported her, commenting that the decision of the First channel is the demonstration of the efforts to build a society of equal opportunities . In addition, the singer recalled that last year in the competition took part the girl in the wheelchair from Poland

However Yulia in turn, in interview, asks not to compare her and even not to associate with Diana Gurtsky, stating that he does not understand and does not share her creativity. According to Samoilova, Diana sings about what he wants to see. And Julia, in her words, wants to sing so that everyone forgot that she is in a wheelchair.

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