The famous choreographer died at the age of 55 years.

it became known that Sergei Vikharev has died at the age of 55, according to “Russian
The dialogue”.

the death of the famous choreographer were not disclosed, but his loss
was a serious tragedy for colleagues and relatives.

You know,
what famous artist worked at the Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg on
over 10 years and won numerous awards. Sergei immediately after
graduating from the Leningrad choreographic school was accepted into the troupe, where he is a
his career has played a lot to offer and, most importantly, the leading role. They include
such well-known delivery, such as “Giselle”, “Romeo and Juliet”,
“Sleeping beauty”.

the end of his career, as speaker, he began working at the Mariinsky theatre
Director. Thanks to the famous artist repertoire has changed greatly and
updated .

In addition
widely known on the territory of the Russian Federation, Vikharev was also
known abroad. It has manifested itself in many cities around the world, including
Milan and Astana.

For his
creative life, the famous artist has won many very prestigious
awards, one of which is the famous “Golden mask”.