Yesterday on 80-m to year of life died honored artist of Russia, our dear and beloved Natalia D. Zhuravlev.

Natalia Zhuravleva

Natalia Dmitrievna was born 21 December 1937, in the family of Dmitry Zhuravlev, one of the best masters of art reading of the last century. He studied at the Studio School of the Moscow art theatre in the course of Mat luminary Viktor Stanitsyn. In 1960, a young actress took to the Theatre. Lenin Komsomol. Here she met with a famous Director Anatoly Efros, joint work with which she always recalled with great trepidation. After some time, like her father, Natalia Dmitrievna seriously engaged in the recitation: performed concerts and in the end came to the conclusion that their knowledge, expertise it is necessary to transfer to the next generation of artists. So, in 1991 she began teaching stage speech in School-Studio of MKHAT and has devoted himself to the work with the students until his death .

In 1995, Oleg Tabakov invited Natalia Zhuravlev in the company of “the basement” theater, where the actress immediately became his in the circle of his disciples. To work in the Basement to Natalia dmitrievny was happiness. In an interview, she said: “my happiness in the fact that many in the theater if not studied with me, at least studied at the Studio School and know me as a teacher. We all say Hello, we love each other, we are interested in each other, family is important to us our news, we are pleased with the successes of each other!”

In the two decades that Natalia Dmitriyevna served in the theatre on Chaplygin street, it was created a number of vivid images from the works of Russian and foreign classics: M. Gorky, A. P. Chekhov, A. N. Ostrovsky, N. In. Gogol, F. Dostoevsky, A. Strindberg, Brecht.

On 30 September the Russian theatre has suffered an irreplaceable loss: he became a wonderful and sensitive teacher, brilliant actress.

The theatre of Oleg Tabakov mourns with the family and friends of Natalia Dmitrievna.

The place of farewell with Natalia Dmitrievna and the date of her funeral will be announced later.