Recently, the artist was justified for his embarrassment during the concert, which was in an alcohol intoxication and behaved unprofessionally. Now open the details of what Dima Bilan is almost killed during his concert, according to the Russian Dialogue.

The singer aspires to perform complex acrobatics in his show yourself without any insurance. Dima Bilan claims that the only way to feel life. Show Dmitry focused on the theme of space and the most advanced technology, it is not surprising that tricks there.

The artist himself admits that in these moments he’s scared and he even prays that do not break. During his concert, the star descended on a rope and fell on the scenery. Bilan later reported that he was hit hard in this moment.

Previously, we reported that the shame of Dima Bilan brought his producer to poverty. Yana Rudkovskaya seizes on any opportunity to earn and promoting questionable seminars in which actively takes part. Apparently, the recent miss her mentee Dima Bilan notably emptied the pockets of the famous producer.