According to users of social networks, Bilan addressed the audience in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

“I blundered. I performed on stage drunk. Met friends in the dressing room and the hotel, drank cognac. Not calculated” – began treatment Bilan.

He emphasized that adheres to the norms of a healthy lifestyle, often talks about healthy eating. The artist himself is forced to follow a diet, as it has rather serious problems with the gall bladder and the esophagus.

“Apparently there’s a pause in the use of alcohol played a terrible joke,” said Bilan in a video message published on his Instagram.

The singer admitted that he wants to apologize to the people of Samaria, giving a free concert in the near future, with “good sound, good me.”He also intends to give the city a Playground and apparatus for treatment of children one of the city hospitals.

“I respect you, you for me a lot of sense,” said Bilan, adding that “probably, everyone has the right to be wrong”.

Social network users expressed respect Bilan, because he found the strength to apologize:

“Dima, it’s great that you found the force did all it said!! This does not negate the error, but causes respect you!”;

“Dear Dima, You are loved and respected everywhere! You are a TRUE! And another thing: drink a real Armenian cognac”;

“All happens, you’re human! And a man with a capital letter!”;

“Dima, You are a real Person. Who does not make mistakes, he does not live”;

“Hello, Dmitry! We are all people, human beings, do not disappoint us, ordinary inhabitants of the provinces, because we’re looking at You often on TV. Good Luck To You.”