According to the latest information of the researchers, in the southwestern part of the United States may occur debilitating drought that may last several decades. So, the once-powerful Colorado river is already undergoing a 15-year drought in its history. Its volume in twenty-first century have decreased by 20%, relative to the twentieth century. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Moreover, according to
the forecasts of scientists, by the year 2100 Colorado will abelcet at 35-55%, if not to reduce
emissions of greenhouse gases. And even if we assume that precipitation is a little
increase, the risk of drying out is still quite large – 70 %.

Such a disaster can
to be fraught with consequences for the 40 million residents of seven States, and
also some regions of Mexico . Latest figures state that only
the last 14 years the volume of supplied water decreased by 19%, which is equal to the annual
the rate of water consumption of 2 million people.

It was noted earlier that an explosion of hydrogen on the surface of the Black sea can destroy Moldova.

As stated by scientists,
such a release of hydrogen sulfide to the sea surface can cause explosion,
which will be commensurate with the Earth’s collision with an asteroid two times less
Of the moon. The global consequences of such a disaster is difficult to imagine, and
Moldova in this case may even cease to exist.