President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, June 15, traditionally, will answer questions from Russian citizens a 15-second account of the “Straight line” with the President. Live video broadcast of this event can be viewed on our website.

The President will begin to communicate with citizens in online at noon GMT. It will be a jubilee “meeting” between Putin and citizens in the air, reports “Russian conversation”.

Citizens asking questions to the President, concerned mainly “social” wages, pensions, benefits, health, housing. Often people are just asking for support – and their problems could be solved with local authorities – but prevents callousness and unwillingness to help.

Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Vladimir Zharikhin believes that the President will likely have to answer questions about the relations of other countries to Russia .

“People understand that their personal well-being largely depends on the situation in the world, from what place in the world is Russia. It is therefore possible to predict that a significant number of questions will be devoted to the topics of foreign policy — relations with the United States, the situation in Ukraine”, — predicts expert.

We offer you self-assess “Direct line with Putin” this year. Video will be available at 12:00.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, in addition to the standard problems in the first days of receipt of the applications have questions related to the economic forum in St. Petersburg, where Putin has become the brightest person.