The crash of the Robinson helicopter near the village of Vinogradnoe, Alushta region, 28 Nov 2016

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TASS-FILE. 4 may 2017 in the Beloretsk district of Bashkortostan crashed light helicopter Robinson, owned by the airline “light air” (Ufa). Aircraft monitored the forest fire situation. According to the source TASS, three people were killed aboard.

C 2015 this is the ninth event of the collapse of Russia’s light helicopters of this brand (quadruple R44 and R66 five-seat modifications). Editorial from the guardian, the DOSSIER prepared a chronology of such cases.

June 27, 2015 in the village Makarakskiy Tisul district of Kemerovo oblast crashed Robinson R44 helicopter (registration number RA-05765, owner – OOO “United Financial leasing company”, lessee – JSC “SK “The Progress”), EN route Tisul’, Kemerovo. On Board were the pilot and two passengers, all of them died . According to eyewitnesses, one flew over the Kiya river, the aircraft touched water meter steel cables and landed on a sandbank. Soon the helicopter took off again, the climb has been a failure of management that led to the collision of the machine with a steep Bank of the river and destruction. According to experts of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC), the most probable cause of the accident was the impact of the rope tangled on the mechanism of pitch control of the tail rotor blades in the first flight.

August 8, 2015 on the Istra reservoir near the village Elenovo (Moscow region) seaplane Cessna 203 (registration number RA-67523) in flight touched the blades of a Robinson R44 helicopter (registration number RA-04383), then both aircraft fell into the water and destroyed. Nine people were killed, including 8-year-old and 14-year-old girl. Helicopter operated by world champion motoparaplane sport Vadim Bukhtiyarov. According to preliminary data, the accident occurred due to the recklessness of the pilot of a seaplane, engaged in dangerous maneuvers.

On August 14, 2015 in Neryungri (Yakutia) during landing, caught fire and crashed Robinson R44 helicopter (registration number RA-04339) OOO “Kogalym Express”, flying from Tommot. The pilot and two passengers were hospitalized, and one passenger subsequently died.

18 April 2016 light helicopter Robinson R66 (registration number RA-06233) ZAO “Ortholog”, carrying out flight from rural settlements to Amderma (Nenets Autonomous Okrug) on the Bely island (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) when approaching the destination, made a hard landing in the face of the ice surface in the Kara sea. Killing three people aboard. The crashed machine was part of a group of three helicopters, which moved the expedition to search for traces of Georgy Brusilov, in 1914, missing in the Arctic ocean on the schooner “St. Anna”. The cause of the accident was the loss of pilot control over the flight altitude in adverse weather conditions.

3 may 2016, private light helicopter Robinson R44 (registration number RA-2118G) crashed in the area of Russkaya Bay (Kamchatka Krai). In the emergency the aircraft was destroyed, killing all on Board, three people – the pilot and two passengers.

22 Oct 2016 helicopter Robinson R66 (registration number RA-04347) Russian gold mining company “Urutkan” EN route Solitaries (olovyanninskiy district of Zabaikalsky Krai) – artel “Jalal-throw it”, stopped communicating. On 24 October, the wreckage of the aircraft was discovered in the forest 10 km South of the village of Lower Geronimo Baleyskaya district of the Zabaikalsk region. The disaster killed aboard the pilot and two passengers – the General Director and chief engineer of the mining company “Darkhan”, which founder is “Urutkan”. The flight was connected with the inspection of production areas for gold mining in the framework of the completion of the drilling season.

28 Nov 2016 light helicopter Robinson R44 (registration number RA-04195) airline “Crimea Heli” crashed near the village of Grape (Alushta, Crimea). Killed three people aboard – the pilot the aircraft Director “Heli Crimea” Roman Izmailov, head of the Russian film company “Soyuz Marins Grupp” Alexander Kulikov and his assistant.

February 12, 2017 the Robinson R66 helicopter (registration number RA-06375) to the Russian company “Altavia” shortly after takeoff crashed near Cape Cocchi on lake Teletskoe (Turochaksky district of the Altai Republic). On Board were five people, including former Deputy Prime Minister of the Altai Republic Anatoly Bannykh, who in 2009 survived the crash of the Mi-171, crashed in the Altai during poaching. Operated Robinson R66 known pilot Dmitry Rakitskaya, a member of the crew of the first Russian circumnavigation by helicopter. Rescuers had found only fragments of the aircraft and the body of one of passengers.

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