Mother Bolshoi ballerina Olga Demina, who disappeared in August 2014, is confident that her daughter was murdered, but the investigation has not yet confirmed this version, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to starhit.

It is known that on August 18, 2014 Olga Demina rented a car and went with a friend Malkhaz Zavoeval in Voronezh and since then the dancer has not been seen.

Just last month in the woods in the East of the capital, he found a human skull. Identified the remains, according to media reports, may belong Demina for evidence: mobile phone signal alleged killer, recorded on the day of the disappearance of the girl.

Soon will be known the results of the examination wrapped in a plastic bag of human remains.

The mother of a missing ballerina came to the program “live”, in which he spoke about the last days with his daughter.

“In the last conversation with her, I felt a heaviness, she was concerned. I shouldn’t have let her go to Moscow,” recalled mom.

According to information at the moment, the Prime suspect in the case of the missing Olga Demina is her friend, 37-year-old Malkhaz of Gavoi, who is now in jail.

“They Zavoeval friends. He was married to a girl Lily, here they are together my daughter and was surrounded. He is plotting something. Forced her to move from a nice house with Concierge and video surveillance in Reutov, where nothing was easy from there may have taken”, – said a relative of the ballerina.

It is also known that in the last day, when the girl was seen alive, she stayed with Zavoeval in the same room, so many assume that the suspect was the lover of Olga.

“Malkhaz told me: no matter how You tried, will never be able to find her. And this whole story is that someone was blackmailing her Olya candid shots, that he probably invented”, – confidently said the mother of a ballerina.

He Gavoi not confirm this version. According to him, Olga just went abroad because of the huge debts.

The tips of ballerina also remembered revealing information about her. According to her, in 2011 Olga met and lived with a certain Vladimir. Everyone knew that Olga susceptible to male attention in life ballerina had many lovers. One of them, Alexei Fetisov even rewrote in her apartment at a cost of five million rubles.

Friends and family of the ballerina is to wait for results of examination found in the woods the skull.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, missing ballerina Olga Demina “has become a” suspect Malkhaz Gabaeva. It is also known that the mother Bolshoi ballerina Olga Demina told the truth of extinction.