Photo: Getty Images Named the risk of paracetamol pregnant

The drug adversely affects the baby, causing attention deficit or hyperactivity.

Researchers have found a link between pregnant women taking paracetamol and deviations in development of children. Reported by Wiley Online Library.

The study showed that taking paracetamol during pregnancy is statistically associated with an increased risk of developing hyperactivity and attention deficit in children.

Researchers examined data on 12 thousand mothers and their children through 17 years of life. Experts analyzed data for 135 indicators.

It turned out, 12 of them statistically related to the reception by the mother of paracetamol. Among them, signs of hyperactivity or attention deficit. While the strongest effect was observed in children from three to seven years, especially during the beginning of school.

In girls, the symptoms appeared to seven years, and of boys up to nine. It is noted that approximately 15 years is no statistical link between paracetamol and hyperactivity or lack of attention were not observed.

The study authors do not know the reason for which paracetamol causes this effect, but called for more caution when taking the drug during pregnancy.

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