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One of the main causes of death of cancer patients are metastases. They tend to become resistant to therapy.

In Stanford University in USA, scientists have found a mechanism that makes cancer incurable. This was reported in the journal Science daily.

One of the main causes of death in patients with tumors are metastases. Scientists say that they can appear several years before diagnosis.

It turned out that the drugs used in the treatment of cancer, trigger a natural selection among cells of metastases. This makes them resistant to therapy.

The researchers examined the 457 samples of primary tumors and metastases taken from 136 patients with breast cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer. Of these, 100 were subjected to drug treatment, and 99 remained intact.

It turned out that the treatment contributes to the mutation and evolution of cancer cells. Secondary foci of tumor, the occurrence of which can trigger therapy, sometimes differ greatly from the original. They mostly consist of drug-resistant cells.

It also turned out that just before metastasis begins in colorectal cancer and lung cancer. Weakened at the beginning of secondary foci become more aggressive and resistant to therapy after the start of drug treatment.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have made a diet that can kill resistant cancer. Also the Correspondent wrote that what was found was unexpected, the cause of breast cancer.

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