Photo: NASA

Planets are at a distance of only 11 light years from Earth exceeds the mass of our planet.

Astronomers have discovered two new extrasolar planets near the red dwarf star GJ 887. Reported by the Mirror.

A group of scientists from three British universities, using the 3.6-meter telescope of the European southern Observatory on La Silla mountain in Chile discovered the planet GJ GJ 887b and 887c.

They revolve around its star – a red dwarf star GJ 887 and is located at a distance of 11 light-years from Earth.

One of the exoplanet makes a complete orbit around the star in 21.8 per day and the other for 9.3. The mass of both planets more massive than Earth but less than Uranus and Neptune.

The existence of water on them is questionable, since the surface temperature of extrasolar planets can reach 70 degrees Celsius.

Earlier it was reported that was discovered a previously unknown space object. Also the Correspondent wrote that in our galaxy can be located several tens of civilizations.

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