It is reported that the family burial family Zavorotnyuk there was one seat available. Netizens have expressed their care that have not kept it “in place” for the seriously ill actress Anastasia, reports Russian Dialogue, with reference to teleprogramma.

It is known that all the relatives Zavorotnyuk Ankudinovka buried in the cemetery in the suburbs.

Journalists continue to try to snatch a sensation about the life of a terminally ill actress, so know all about her relatives. They also found out that the family of the actress also has an empty burial plot, but for whom they were originally prepared is unknown.

Recall before it became known that the doctors stopped the treatment of “nanny”. While the causes of illness of the artist is not named. According to the fans, cancer could be the consequence of IVF, while others believe that terrible process in the body Anastasia has launched a procedure of rejuvenation with stem cells. However, the numerologist said that the car crash had broken the law of nature, giving birth to a third child. Now she is paying the price for his courage to become a mother.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” after the car crash problem and Polina Gagarina: the situation is difficult. The singer wish you a speedy recovery.

It is also known that the first husband Zavorotnyuk urgently flew to Moscow and made a surprise announcement of Schwarzkopf. The network is amazed by what he heard.