As reported on Tuesday,
September 3, “Russian Dialogue,” citing RT, after his drunken statements about the war for Southern
The Kuril Islands with Russia, Japanese MP Hodak Maruyama lost his place in the party and
was recognized by his peers “not qualified” for his post. But now,
as reported by the Mainichi Shimbun, the politician again decided to comment on
the territorial issue, now with South Korea, and noted that the island
again, you can return only by force.

the MP Hodak, Maruyama, previously distinguished an appeal to return South Kurils by force, reiterated his controversial views on territorial
question — this time with South Korea, reports Mainichi Shimbun.

We are talking about
the Islands of the Apple iigs, which at the same time expect and Seoul, calling the territory
Dokdo, and Japan, where the same locality bears the name of Takeshima. In response to
news that a group of South Korean politicians called for the island Maruyama
wrote in his Twitter: “isn’t it true that war is the only way to get
these Islands are?”

commenting on the statement by the leader of the Japanese Democratic party for the people Yuichiro
Tamaki, who called the visit “mindless entertainment” Maruyama wrote that
“window dressing” are also the words of Tamaki.

As recalled
Mainichi Shimbun, in may, during a visit “to one of the four Islands near
Hokkaido, which is under Russian control”, Maruyama had been drinking and
I began to ask the head of the Japanese delegation to the former inhabitants of the Islands, “is There
alternatives to war to regain the Islands?”

Although later
the politician apologized, it still was expelled from the party and the lower house
the Japanese Parliament passed an exceptional kind of resolution in which the deputies
signed a statement that Maruyama “not qualified” for his post.

Previously, “Russian
Dialogue” reported the discouraging discovery on the territory of the Kuril

It was also reported on the reaction of the MFA of Russia on the Olympic map of Japan with the Southern Kurils.