Andrew Stalls (16th room)

LAHTI /Finland/, March 1. /Spec. Q. TASS Artem Kuznetsov/. The jury separate race on 15 km classical style at the world Championships in ski sports in the Finnish Lahti abolished the disqualification of the Russian skiers Andrey Larkov, who broke technique of course. About this TASS said the Manager of the national team of Russia Yuri Charkovsky.

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Coach: to disqualify for violation of Larikova was half of skiers in the race of the world Cup

Stalls took fifth place. The best of the Russians was Alexander Bessmertnykh – the fourth result.

“Now for the second time I was called by the competition jury. Re-run of the meeting the result Larikova remained in force. As a result Sergey Turyshev (20th place). Both issued yellow cards, and these warnings apply only to the world Cup,” said czarkowski.

The winner of the race was the Finn Ivo Niskanen, winners of the Norwegians Martin Sundby and Niklas Dyrhaug .