Khurram Butt Chased


LONDON, June 6. /Offset. TASS Igor Brovarnik/. One of the terrorists who committed the June 3 attack in London, worked in London underground station “Westminster” Parliament of the United Kingdom. This was reported by the newspaper The Daily Mail.

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The newspaper published photos born in Pakistan, the British citizen Kurama Sasada Batta, which he captured in the uniform of the subway employee responsible for ensuring the safety of passengers on the platform . Working at the station, “Westminster”, he was “privileged access to the tunnels under the houses of Parliament”, the newspaper said.

Hide from his colleagues his radical views butt are also on duty at the station “Canada water” in the London Docklands.

As it became known on Monday, in the end, he was fired for absenteeism on probation.

In total BATT was an employee of the London underground in the period from may to October last year.

Late in the evening of 3 June, three terrorists in the car made arrival on pedestrians in the London bridge area.

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Then they drove to borough market-a market where out of the car and with knives attacked passers-by. In the attack, seven people were killed and 48 people were hospitalized. The attackers were liquidated by the police.

On Monday, the Scotland Yard announced the names of the two perpetrators of the attack: a 27-year-old Khurram shazad butt, a British citizen born in Pakistan, and 30-year-old Rashid Redvan, a native of either Morocco or Libya. According to British media reports, the third terrorist was a foreigner.