The contractor told me why he wanted to cooperate with the controversial blogger.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the domestic media.

Recently Malikov very surprised his loyal fans by recording the clip joint with Yuri Khovansky. The video was filmed for the song “Ask your mother”. In the story, the blogger asks his friend Dmitri to help, because his girlfriend always drags on goodbye mom. The contractor has to distract the woman while Yuri will communicate with his chosen. In the end, both Malikov charms of the fair sex.

Many questioned why Dimitri decided to cooperate with Yuri. In an interview, the actor spoke about his choice. According to Malikov, he had long wanted to record a song with a rapper and the faster it responded to Khovanskii.

The contractor also noted that Yuri is a very good companion, treated him respectfully during the song recording and working on the clip. In addition, Khovanskii was also the author of the words, and Malik only made their minor adjustments.