The time has come for other people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is “a very Soviet person”, which does not meet the requirements of modern society to their leaders. Such opinion on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow” on April 10 was expressed by the Ukrainian journalist, founder of the Internet edition “Gordon” Dmitry Gordon.

“The time has come for other people. He lost sense of reality. I think it is outdated and wants to stay in power. And, of course, he wants to make these changes to the Constitution [to annul their terms], because he understands that it could end up as [Soviet leader Joseph] Stalin. It is necessary to study history. Supporters of Stalin, who wanted to improve without him, and feared reprisals, simply stopped Stalin’s rule. We will not specify in what way, nobody do not want it (Stalin was discovered at his dacha near Moscow lying on the floor on March 1, 1953. 2 March there arrived doctors. On Stalin’s death announced on the radio on March 6. According to one version, Stalin may have been poisoned. – ed.)”, – said the journalist.

He suggests that the date of the referendum, which the Russians had to approve the amendments to the Constitution, was chosen for a reason.

“He even chose the date of the [symbolic] – 22 April, birthday [the leader of the socialist revolution , Vladimir Lenin, and then this damn coronavirus confused all the cards. He hoped to the last that will be able to hold the April 22 vote… Already [Russian actors Vladimir] Mashkov with [Sergei] Bezrukov acted, they say, go on April 22 [to a referendum]. Called these poor old people who had died from the coronavirus, if it was picked up, vote to change the Constitution. Well, pure insanity. Net government insanity! And these artists, whom I love, in the service of the Putin regime – just like prostitutes”, – the journalist said.

In his opinion, Putin is poorly informed and is afraid of mass protests in Moscow.

“It is the lot of all rulers, especially those long in power: he was told only what he wants to hear. From Internet, he is divorced – he is unable to go and see an alternative point of view. He, I think, distorted picture of the world… I Think Putin is at a crossroads. He is very afraid of people’s anger and prays that in Moscow everything was fine with the coronavirus. Because of the revolution, all the meetings always begin in Moscow. Riot will never start in Vologda or Kostroma, only in Moscow”, – said Gordon.

He stressed that Putin may not suit the younger generation of Russians, because young people cannot be interested in stories about the “Russian world”.

“Putin is a product of the Soviet time, which is taught at the Higher school of the KGB and the Andropov Institute completely different things, and the world has moved forward. So he stayed there, frozen in the Soviet era, he is thinking of the restoration of the USSR, “the Russian world”… And the world has been living under completely different laws! When the Internet appeared, iPhone and other latest inventions, on spiritual scrapie have nowhere to go. They are still good for the downtrodden pensioners living in the wilderness of the Tambov region, but is a new generation, they, these ties to one place,” – says the journalist.

Gordon believes that to significantly weaken the position of Putin can low oil prices.

“Cheap oil can greatly undermine his position. I would not be surprised that his colleagues one day he will say: “Volodya, come on. We guarantee you that everything will be fine, you’re [first Russian President Boris] Yeltsin guarantee”. And put someone younger, more compliant, but from the same medium – to save himself and Putin, which they will guarantee. I think this will be a bloodless transition of power from Putin to other people,” suggested the reporter.