Dmitro Yarosh

He was head of combat and special operations both at the front and behind the front line.

The head of the Ukrainian volunteer army, now the leader of public political movement “DIYA” (“Initsiativa Derzhavniki Yarosh”) Dmitro Yarosh supported awarding the title of Hero of Ukraine head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak. About this he wrote on his page on “Facebook”.

– Learned about conferring the title of Hero of Ukraine to Chairman of the security Service General Vasyl Gritsak. In this regard, I want to congratulate him not only on the phone, but in the public space.

Yes, Vasily Gritsak – my battle sister and a friend with whom we were shoulder to shoulder all the years of the Russian-Ukrainian war, so my assessment of someone may seem subjective.

But, first, I think this award is absolutely deserved, because I know of a number of his personal participation and leadership as military and special operations (including jointly with Ukrainian volunteers). They were both at the front and behind the front line, as well as in the Ukrainian rear. This once will be to write books.

Know about a great help of General Hrytsak in the deployment and activities of the volunteer movement, about the elimination of the Russian bandit underground and prevent the destabilization in Ukraine.

Yes, this award belongs not only Vasily Sergeyevich, it the state to recognise the many heroes who serve Ukraine in the ranks of the SBU and honestly perform their duty to protect our independence, but the battle leads them General Hrytsak and for his honor and praise.

Aware of the divisions in society, just note that I clearly share those Heroes of Ukraine, who earned the title in the war, and those who handed out the title to the Maidan without any reason.

The Lord gave me not one battle sister with whom I had the honor to fight for our country and who proudly wear the star of Hero of Ukraine. This Michael Zabrodsky, and Eugene Mezhevikin, and Igor Gordiychuk. In this series I can also supply Vasyl Hrytsak.

I congratulate you, brother, with the high title of Hero of Ukraine! Together we will win! Glory To Ukraine!