According to the military correspondent of the DPR’s defense Ministry Dmitry Astrakhan, we are talking about the nationalist soldiers of the Azov regiment, against him in Russia prosecuted, reports “Russian conversation” on Saturday, may 4.

The journalist added that the fighters of “Azov” were sent to the Donbas to be increased are there the 24th brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

“We are located at positions of the militia DNR near the settlement Marinka, where the enhancement to the 24th brigade was transferred to the Nazi regiment “Azov”. And in the first days of its presence there, the Nazis celebrated by putting on display the flag of the Wehrmacht – the army of Nazi Germany. They do this, obviously, on the eve of 9 may,” said Astrakhan.

According to him, the nationalists by his actions negated the statements of the authorities in Kiev that the country supposedly recognized European values.

We will remind, in Ukraine appealed to the citizens of the DPR and LPR, is going to obtain Russian citizenship.