Polyana 1389 Hotel & Spa in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi

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New requirements for anti-terrorist protection of places of accommodation of guests and participants of the upcoming international events such as the confederations Cup and the world Cup in 2018, will require owners of hotels additional investments. Interviewed by the TASS representatives of the hospitality industry assured that security measures will not affect the cost of the hotel rooms.

Categories of potential risk

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev announced on 17 April that he had signed a decree, which specifies requirements for protection of hotels against possible terror threats .

According to the data published on the official website of the government of the Russian Federation of the document, all hotels will be divided into four categories “depending on the extent of the threat of committing the on-site hotels terrorist attacks, the possible consequences of their Commission, and also taking into account assessments of the state security.” Under the first category of the hotel, near which during the year has been a terrorist attack or was foiled such an attempt. In addition, it includes placements with a capacity of more than one thousand people and the hotels where the alleged damage may be no less than 800 million rubles. All the big hotel complexes Sochi just fall under this category. “In fact, nothing new for hotels in Sochi, taking visitors and participants of the Olympic games 2014, in new requirements,” — said the President of the Association of hoteliers Sochi Vasily Pakaluk.

For representatives of the hospitality industry of Krasnoyarsk, where in 2019 will host the world winter Universiade, the decision to implement additional security measures also was not a surprise. The region has already launched the mechanism of mandatory classification of accommodation facilities. While it is voluntary, but starting in 2018 classification of hotels will be required. According to managing Director of Hilton Garden Inn Krasnoyarsk Davron Aripova, one of the largest hotels in Krasnoyarsk meets all international standards.

“Our concern for the safety of the guests begins with the entrance, where there is a barrier and security guards patrolling. On site there are outdoor surveillance cameras, also CCTV is inside every Elevator and hallway. The reception and lobby bar are equipped with emergency call button alarm service, lift-equipped safe lock — up only to the seventh floor where the conference rooms, in order to climb in the guest rooms, need electronic key”, — told about embedded systems security Aripov.

The building is equipped with a system light and sound fire alarm, systems of fire extinguishing and smoke removal. In the days of the Universiade, the hotel will increase the number of guards and installed a metal detector at the entrance. “This will require additional costs, but it will not affect the cost of your stay”, assured managing Director of Hilton Garden Inn Krasnoyarsk.

Small hotels have to spend

The second and third categories of related objects, where both can suffer from 50 to 200 people, and the damage will be from 50 to 800 million rubles. The lowest category is assigned to hotels, where in the case of the attack affected less than 50 people, and the damage will not exceed 50 million rubles. Regardless of categories, all hotels must be equipped with video surveillance systems and emergency notification about emergencies, additional security lighting, fire safety system, push button call the police. Also be sure the presence of information boards with a scheme of evacuation and emergency phone numbers.

“The implementation of the new requirements will no doubt require additional costs. To comply with the Ordinance, owners will have to equip their mini-hotels with emergency announcement system, install emergency lighting that will not depend on electricity, to spend money on a generator,” — said the head of the Association of small accommodation facilities of Sochi Elena Valeeva. According to her, the majority of mini-hotels in the resort has already issued a safety. Even without investments in system protection this document costs an average of 80 thousand rubles.

In the Krasnoyarsk hotel “snowy Owl” is also acknowledged that the MSDS has already received. “The only thing that is missing in the hotel, it is a framework-the metal detector for checking of Luggage at the hotel. Previously such requirement in the law was not, in the estimate of expenses of the hotel this year we have provided for the purchase of necessary equipment”, — said the owner of the hotel Margarita Filippova.

Hotels will get new passports

The execution of the decision, defining requirements for the protection of hotels against possible terror threats, will not cause any complications in the hotels and will not affect the value of their services, according to the hoteliers of Kaliningrad region. “In fact, this situation has existed for several years. As a rule, the relevant safety data sheets did hotels with a large enough capacity, for example, more than 100 rooms, and now all the units must have their own safety”, — explained TASS the Chairman of the Association of restaurateurs and hoteliers of the Zelenograd region, located in the resort area of the Baltic sea Sergey Kurenkov.

Every hotel, including small guest houses and hostels, according to him, will have to develop a new safety report and agreeing it with relevant departments. Document reglamentary operation of own security service of the hotel, its staff in the event of a threat and emergency situation. Special problems in its development, and appropriate measures should arise, say the hoteliers.

Frame and metal detectors

In Kazan, which already has experience of large-scale events, most hotels are already equipped with frames and metal detectors. “The measures that need to be done in order to ensure security, every company implements. Given that we have held the Universiade and world championship in water sports, we have security rose to another level. Therefore, you might not have to be retrofitted, the facilities meet the basic safety requirements,” said TASS, the Executive Director of the Association of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Kazan and Tatarstan Galina Sharafutdinova.

One of the new requirements for the installation at the entrance to the hotel checkpoint, a guard ordered to provide hand metal detectors. The Association of hoteliers said that the security service of hotels not in principle have the right to conduct personal searches and this question is in the competence of law enforcement, licensed professionals. The guards can only refuse access to premises to a person who is clearly suspicious, report it to the appropriate service.

“As for some of the increased cost of hotel services in connection with the new rules, I think nothing will happen, because if we will be obliged to deliver, for example, frames similar to those put in the airports, we will incur certain non-recurring costs associated with the execution of the order, decree, law, but it’s one-time costs. In the future the price of the service will still determine the market”, — said the representative of the resort industry of the Kaliningrad region Kurenkov.

Year for innovation

A government decree that defines new requirements for the protection of hotels, was signed April 14. On the implementation of innovations is given “one year from the date of signing the inspection and categorization of the hotel”.

Regional authorities are required to communicate these requirements to the hotel owners. As found by TASS, many hotels on the new regulation is not yet know. “New requirements for security have not yet been brought before us. Typically, all communication takes place through the Ministry of sport of Perm Krai and the Committee of public safety of the city of Perm,” — said TASS, the head of public relations of the hotel “Hilton garden Inn Perm” Alena Shevchuk.

In Sochi in the coming days will hold a series of workshops with managers of hotels, representatives of regional administrations and the power unit to explain the new requirements for safety, designed for accommodation in a new government decree. “Thus, all categorized accommodation facilities of Sochi will have to spend actions on antiterrorist protection of its facilities in accordance with the new Federal requirements by the beginning of the summer holiday season,” — said TASS, the Secretary of the antiterrorist Commission of the city of Sochi, the head of the administration of the resort Michael Shebzukhov.