Such an assumption shared doctor-Oncohematology Raisa
Kachanov, reports “Russian conversation”.

“Climate change, heat waves, age,
just unusual or excessive physical activity, dehydration
the body, which simply thickens the blood. All this together even without
factor for increased blood clotting due to, presumably, cancer forms
life-threatening pattern. She could be completely healthy from the point
of view of Oncology and simply forget to drink in the heat. Sometimes this is enough to
thrombus formation”, – said the expert.

Along with this Kachanov noted that the final cause of death werber will be available
only after the autopsy.

We will remind that 62-year-old Alla werber suddenly
died on 6 August while on holiday in Italy.

Oleg Sharan said the details of the death of Alla werber.

Also Maxim Galkin,
Nikolai Baskov, Vera Brezhnev made an important statement about the deceased alle