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Lemons with salt is incredibly helpful.

In General… the benefits of lemons are many and the benefits it brings are very real. But there is a way to further increase its positive impact on us. And all thanks to the Indian recipe that is used even in North Africa.

What is it?

We are talking about fermented lemons. By fermentation and salt, the lemon becomes more enzymes, vitamins and minerals, making it three times more useful and effective. But what is the fermentation of lemon? To trigger this process, it is necessary to take a few steps.

First, you need to take a large enough glass container to store lemons. Wash it and let dry.

Take 4-5 lemons (preferably organic), wash them thoroughly in water with the addition of baking soda.

Make every lemon by two incisions and cover them with salt. Now you need to carefully compacted salt, so that it was in contact with the pulp .

Now we take our glass container, sprinkle the bottom with a handful of coarse salt, and begin to put our lemons, squeezing them together. It is important to put plenty of salt between the layers. Close the container and let the lemons roam for 3 days without the sun and in a dry, well-ventilated place, protected from direct light sources. Three days later, you can use the lemon according to your taste.

It is also suitable for cooking and for flavoring tea and other beverages. You can use them as you want.They are good for flavoring vegetables, due to their sour-salty taste. However, a feature of not only lemon in the taste. It is the high content of vitamins and minerals that will help to always stay in shape. So you’ll take care of your intestines and stomach. After all, problems with digestion and heartburn can ruin the whole day. In addition, due to the presence of antioxidants and the effect of salt as amplifier, you can make your skin radiant, smooth and velvety, free from sebum and supple. Because of this you’ll look younger and be more relaxed.

Everything else, the lemon is an excellent styptic and disinfectant, which, moreover, reduces the level of glucose in the blood.

It is obvious that it is an effective antibacterial, antiseptic. Lemons with salt well reduce blood pressure, useful for the removal of warts and calluses, treat sore gums, arthritis and rheumatism, varicose veins, colds and flu…In the summer it is better to use these lemons with hot tea, which will help to decongest the respiratory tract.

Just remove the lemon from the jar, rinse off the excess salt and use it in small pieces.