Frozen in the mountains a woman raised later, 6 hours after the heart stops. Her body temperature was 18 degrees.

Spanish doctors started the patient’s heart stopped 6.5 hours ago. Reported by the Daily Mail.

A tourist from the UK felt ill at the height of 2500 meters in the Pyrenees mountains. When 34-year-old woman lost consciousness, her husband called rescuers.

Doctors found no signs of life in women. It is noted that her body temperature was only 18 degrees.

Helicopter tourist was taken to Barcelona, where the doctors managed to bring her back to life. The patient’s heart have not worked more than six hours.

Doctors call an exceptional case. Earlier in Spain was not aware of this practice.

Yesterday it was reported that the doctors for the first time “resurrect” the dead heart. The Correspondent also reported that in the USA doctors was first introduced in suspended animation.

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