After leaving guests must clean the apartment

Special attention in the disinfection of the premises, the experts suggest to give the tables, chairs, door handles and appliances.

According to scientists from China, to protect their homes from COVID-19, it is necessary to observe simple rules of hygiene, with all the necessary procedures regularly and with some nuances. This writes the news portal Fenghuang Wang.

The publication quoted the head of the office of the Centre to combat epidemics in Yunnan province Zhou Xiaomei.

Thus, the expert believes, that the return from the street should not be a special disinfection or sanitization of clothing and footwear, as well as to decontaminate the premises. But Zhou Xiaomei recommends that you regularly carry out the conventional wet cleaning: tables, chairs, door knobs and appliances, with which people come into contact every day.

A prerequisite for efficient prevention of coronavirus expert described the ventilation of the apartment at least two times a day for half an hour.

One of the most important elements in the fight against COVID-19, the expert called regular hand washing. Be sure to do it with soap in running water.

To the reception and after they left, the physician recommends cleaning. To do this, she advises to use a solution of chlorine or disinfectant based on alcohol.

Earlier it was reported that China recorded the first case of encephalitis due to the coronavirus.

Also recall that the scientists said the mutation of the coronavirus. Coronavirus developed into two subtypes – type s And L, according to scientists. One of them is more contagious than the other, and it occurs more frequently.

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