Eugene Komorowski

The Belarusian ruler may lead to a new outbreak.

In the new address on its YouTube channel, the doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski commented on the growing numbers of infected people in the world, “Salidarnasts”writes.

The doctor expressed his position in connection with the approaching Orthodox Easter. We will remind, on April 13 Alexander Lukashenko said that the day is in the Church and spoke against the ban to visit the temples for the rest.

– I emphasize again that we the way to the temple no one close. This is my strict requirement. We won’t ban you. We brought to the leadership of all churches and denominations, including the Orthodox Church, – said Lukashenko.

He also said that “all preaching is better (to) near the temple.”

Despite his words, the next day, April 14 Metropolitan Paul encouraged the believers in the next few days to refrain from visiting temples: “And if you come, then please keep distance from each other. Churches will not be closed, there will be worship. But we ask: please refrain, stay at home. Believe me, it would be more useful to you and your family”.

Dr. Komorowski explained, what is the danger of meeting people in the Church in the spread of the coronavirus.

– Where there is no ventilation where an enclosed space – room, Church, house, whatever, where there is no ventilation – where the concentration of viral particles may be high, the risk of severe forms of coronavirus increase – said the doctor.