Green tea


Photo: from open sources

Named the best drink to rejuvenate the body

Green tea is recognized by scientists the perfect natural way to preserve youth. It is rich in antioxidants, cleanses blood vessels, improves digestion, removes toxins, affects the urinary system and removes excess fluid. By drinking green tea all harmful substances are removed from the body regularly and the longer cells remain healthy and young.

On a par with green tea, scientists have made purified water, citrus juice and coffee. According to experts water is a very important source of youth, but to use it only in a purified form and separately from other beverages. With regard to citrus juice, its positive effects on the body scientists have linked with lots of vitamin C and antioxidants that are beneficial to the whole person and rejuvenate it. Perfect for preserving youth are considered to be the juice from the orange and grapefruit with the addition of lemon juice .

Coffee caused among scholars heated debate, but despite this took his place in this honor list of useful drinks. The fact is that coffee has some substances that can have on the body rejuvenating effect. In addition, coffee is able to prevent the emergence of cancer cells and activates processes in the brain.