Photo: the F/A-18 US Navy

Suffered the aviation enthusiasts who came to the canyon of Star wars to watch a training flight.

At least seven of visitors to death Valley national Park suffered in the crash multirole fighter in California. It is reported by CNN.

According to the TV, the plane crashed in the so-called Star wars canyon located in death Valley near the base of the U.S. Navy China lake.

The broadcaster quoted a representative of the reserve, who stressed that the crash of the fighter “the seven visitors received minor injuries”. Canyon are extremely popular among aviation enthusiasts, who come there to observe the training flights.

The representative wing multirole strike fighter Lydia Bock stressed that at the moment at the crash site is “search-and-rescue operation, but the status of pilot unknown”. “Under investigation,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that in California fell fighter F/A-18. About the fate of those who were on Board the aircraft, not yet reported. Also does not specify their number.


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