Photo: Man beat robot

Also, a man broke waiting for the parcel man.

In Tallinn, a drunken man attacked the robot Starship Technologies. It is reported Posttimees.

The incident occurred after lunch in kakumäe near a house, where the robot was delivered to the client Courier. A middle-aged man repeatedly struck the robot leg. After the attack on the robot, he also attacked waiting for the parcel man.

Head of public relations Omniva Kai Sepp confirmed that this incident actually happened. However, a more detailed review on this issue is not announced.

Arrived at the scene an ambulance and the police. The injured man was given first aid, with a drunk man and was investigated by the police.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the robot took revenge on the man who defeated him in the race .

In South Korea, want to introduce a tax on robots